Night Nappies

Night Nappies

Night nappies have superior absorbency, allowing them to last 12-14hrs or more. They are a must for heavy wetters, often having better absorbency than popular brand disposable nappies. 


Babies that are being fed overnight are often heavier wetters and need a nappy that can deal with the level of absorbency required. Fitted nappies (2-part system consisting of nappy and cover) are a popular choice for an overnight nappy. The additional covers helps prevent leaks and because the whole nappy is made of absorbent material means that it can hold more. 


Light Wetter – A light wetter can often wear nappies that are considered day nappies overnight without problems. If concerned just add an extra insert to be sure of absorbency. 

Average to Heavy Wetter – Heavier wetters need a night nappy that is more absorbent. This is where a fitted nappy and cover are best. 


Another option is to add fleece or wool covers to your nappy that doesn’t require one to be waterproof. The fleece or wool cover helps to absorb any excess moisture and prevent leaks. A PUL cover can be used in a similar way. 

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